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A few days ago, I did a post and my story behind a new project I've been working on, Jeddah Reads. It is a project that aims to build a positive and vibrant reading culture in the region through different initiatives. One of the current initiatives I'm working on, is building libraries in schools that don't have them. Since this is just the beginning of the project, I'm working with very limited funds and resources and there have been many kind people who have asked if they could help out in any way possible so I decided to put down a post through which people can. I don't need funds but I do need help in kind. 

A little bit of a background
Apart from bookshelves and labour, one of the main resources needed for the libraries are the books, of course. As per the requirement of different schools, we need a majority of Arabic and English books and for some, we may even need a limited collection of French books, each for different age categories. According to different school's requirements, there are four types of libraries we are looking to build:

1. Small (320 Books)
2. Medium (500-660 Books)
3. Big (1200-1800 Books)
4. Portable Weekly Library for Schools that don't have the space (Differs based on the school's requirement and number of children) 

Age Categories
1. 3-5 years
2. 6-8 years
3. 9-11 years
4. 11-13 years
5. 13-15
6. 15 and up

Where you can help?
We've put down this list, the different books we need for all age categories. Apart from the list, here are the categories of books we are looking at, and here's where you can help, donate your books or volunteer to buy one or two of them and have it sent to us here. 

Book Categories:
1. Fiction & Poetry (all kinds, books from this list are appreciated, culturally diverse fiction including middle east fiction,  poetry collections, graphic novels, etc)
2. Non-Fiction (good biographies, self-help & development, memoirs, history, philosophy, how-to books, travel books, etc) 
3. Skill-Based Books: This would be part of the non-fiction category but to bring special attention, we would like books that teach different skills, especially for children. 

1. English and Arabic. Especially, famous works of literature translated in Arabic would be required. 
2. French. We don't have a list for this but very basic french reading would be nice since some schools do require it.

How to go about it?

People Worldwide: If you do want to buy or already have books you don't mind donating part of the list, then email us at with the name of book/books you are willing to send and we'll revert back with the mailing address. You may check out Book Depository, Better World Books, Eurospan Bookstore, Wordery for free worldwide delivery options or check out this list for other options as well. 

If you want to donate a book that is NOT part of the list, then please send us an email with the book/books you want to send. We will do a quick check and confirm whether we can take in those books or not. Since these are for schools, we want to make sure we get quality books that meet certain standards and wouldn't be willing to take anything and everything. 

People living in Jeddah: We're gonna have a book drop off station starting from tomorrow  (23rd February) for two weeks, between 1o am to 6 pm at Al-Hamra. Please email us, with the name of the books and we will send in the exact location where the books can be dropped off. 

Other ways you can support this project:

1. If you are part of an organisation or yourself as an individual would like to sponsor a part or the complete library for one school, then email us at and we can get back to you with the cost details. 

2. If you are a writer or publisher and want to send in your books, email us. 

3. For those living in Jeddah and are interested in volunteering to build these libraries, contact us with a short introduction about yourself. We need all the help we can get.

4. Spread the word. 

5. Follow us on all our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

For all those are willing to support this project in any way, thank you in advance <3 

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