Pondering over the Pandora's Box

It’s been three days discovering Greece. This place is teeming with authenticity and revolves around the stories from the past. Now for a travel frantic and journalist like me, this place seems to know me too well. We've been to Corinth and Delphi so far. Both being historical destinations. Visiting these places gave me a deep insight over the things of the past, the culture and how life must have been back then. That’s why I like history. It tells you so much about the life and people who lived some twenty thousand years ago and yet it seems to have some connection with life now. People seem to say that, things have changed now. They seem to say the world’s becoming corrupt and what not. But truth be told, I think the world has always been this way. The world has always been full of troubles, insecurities, despair, hypocrites and all things evil. However, in amidst all such things, there is goodness that prevails; the world’s yet a beautiful place. When a travel junkie tells you this, believe me it’s true.

Our third visit was perhaps most interesting. It was yet another historical visit. Today, I explored the Vergina Museum.  It is indeed a site that fuels your imagination. The museum basically revolves around the history behind Alexandra and his sons. However, the museum also serves a section where you can indulge in Greek mythologies. I spent about an hour or so exploring this section. On exploration, I latched into the story behind the Pandora’s Box. According to the Greek Mythology, Zeus had ordered Hephaestus to create the woman Pandora as part of the punishment for mankind. She was granted with many gifts including beauty, charm, cunning, wit, eloquence, deceit, skill, and curiosity. The story goes on and tells us about how Pandora had been given a large box with an instruction by Zeus to keep it closed; As the story goes by, she ultimately opened it out of curiosity. While she did so, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the box. In fright she tries closing back the box while one tiny bug flew quickly out before Pandora could slam the lid shut again. This tiny bug was the spirit hope. When you first read this story, it perhaps seems like something you’d read to a child. To teach them the essence of hope. However, more than children, we adults require the very same lesson. As life goes by, a lot us turn into pessimists. We seem to only whine about how bad or how evil the world has gotten. I think we forget that, as humans we are the epitome of life. In life, there’s always balance-good and bad, beautiful and ugly, sad and happy, darkness and light. As an experienced journalist, . I've covered rapes, wars, blasts, murders, crimes and various events. Whilst my journey I've learned, that no matter how deleterious or heinous something may be, at the very end of it there’s always hope that’s beneath. I've learned that no matter how difficult a situation is, or how dark the tunnel may seem, there’s always some light. There’s always goodness within everything. It’s up to every individual to see through it. If Pandora did manage to slam the box, she may have never found hope. Similarly, I think we humans must look beneath our hardships and we may find the same. Hope.

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