The lights and the people. The city.

It took us almost an hour from Long Island to Manhattan. From the car, a couple of areas resembled the life and structure of Mumbai. The people walking in constant speed and direction, the lights, the garbage on the roadside and the entire life around made me wanna say "Hey, this looks just like Bombay"
We first stopped by at Rockefeller Center, a place dedicated to one of the richest man in the olden times of america. The place was pleasant. Huge and thronged with tourists, each one of them taking photos and chirping with their giggles, the surrounding was a happy one, but I really wished my brother was there too. The place centered around cafes and shops and an immense fountain, with the sound of water falling.

     Later, driving through Times Square, the place everyone talks about. We were there, finally. The place was literally displaced by a surge of people walking all around. I was quite amazed by the life around, it was actually pleasing. I liked it. Tall buildings, illuminated lights and a crazy storm of people. Yes, this was, exactly what the city was all about.

     We walked out of the car, walked through the busy streets. I was completely in love with it already. We kept moving forward, taking snapshots of our passing memories. We went through a couple of places,  from the Disney store to  The Broadway, which was flooded with uncountable number of people. It was almost 12 am, but the atmosphere around, felt like it was yet an early hour of the night. After an hour so, we kept walking, towards the car again.

     Walking through the streets, some people were walking alone, others gathered in twos, threes and groups. Sights of varied nationalities including a lot of Asians. Sounds of combined languages, some familiar, some not understandable at all. It was rich and alive, bursting at the seams with colour, light and sound. People were flowing here, there, everywhere.

      We stopped by 'The Halal Guys' , a group of Lebanese guys with some amazing food by the fountain. Witnessed drunkards and whores. A guy rapping, on an attempt to entertain the crowd in the long awaited  Que by the Halal guys. Cute guys, gentlemen, students, families and beggars. It was like the whole world in one place. It's funny, how we all belong to different nationalities and cultures. At first, we appear to be so different from one another. But yet, we commonly share the same ties of bonds, the same emotions, everyday of our lives. It's like we're all connected in some way or the other. No matter what nation, culture, religion, all seem to share the same strings of life. 


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el_idioto said...

nice description... but why were you travelling in a car... Times Square and places around are best walked upon..

I actually prefer the metro over others... its faster and cheaper...

Psst... I've still got my nyc pics somewhere on my old blog...

Huda Merchant said...

No,no we like traveled by car TO the city, cause we were staying with family at Long Island and then we walked the streets at Times Square and another evening at Greenwich Village, there we took the subways and stuff, pretty cool :D

And, nice, I'll look for them :)

Anonymous said...

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