Waka Waka eh eh?

My exams are over!! Ah, feels great. No school until the 20th of september, couldn't get any better :D And well, the Fifa matches, I can now watch them peacefully without having a book in my hand or worrying about what shit I'm gonna write in the next exam. 

There's lot I wanted to write about, starting from the whole Fifa World Cup... This time obviously, it's been very surprising with Brazil and Argentina out of the world cup before the semi finals! That was a shock.KAKA is like the cutest thing ever. So Adorable. I hated it when he was all sad :( Brazil is my first favorite team so i felt so bad but worse was when Ghana lost :O It was like OMG. Cause they so deserved to win and they didn't all cause of the penalty shots! Hard luck! I wanted to cry when I saw Gyan cry. I mean, that was a moment for them, If they won they would have been the ONLY African team to qualify and in their own home continent, big moment, and they couldn't achieve it all cause of luck :( And, I don't like Uruguay much, the goal keeper was cute though :P

      So, now it's pretty obvious Germany is taking the cup home but I still support Spain. I LOVE David Villa. Spain is my second favorite team and I really home they win. Though I know they wont. But I hope they do.
And, omg I so wanna watch the semi finals at the beach where they have these really huge screens and all the guys screaming and shouting. I really hope I can go, though the commentary would be in arabic -_-

Anyways, so summer has begun here. It's all holiday time, everyone is in holiday mood and so am I :D There are 10 days until I travel to India, Bombay and then Pune of course. I'm excited to meet my brother after 7 whole months! And of course my sister and my friends :) I hope this time things and bitches don't ruin my summer. 
    Well, so for these 10days out here, I have plans and I really home I can do whatever I WANT. Okay so here's the list :
1. Watch all the movies I want..Kickass, She's out of my league, The last song, etc.. and of course please so suggest a few good romantic comedies or any GOOD movie for me?
2. Watch One Tree Hill and ALL the seasons of How I met your mother :D
3. Go shoppping!! ( I need so many things!!) 
4. Set my room, it's all re-painted so I gotta put back a few things left and change a few things :)
5. Blog :D Hahaha yeah.
6.Knit.Yes, I knit. And it's fun. I'm a beginner and so far it's great :)
8. And everything else which comes to my mind :D
 And And And most importantly, When I reach India.. I wanna watch ECLIPSE. Love Robert Pattinson. Love Him.

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Rishi said...

just read this... and

"now it's pretty obvious Germany is taking the cup home "

iss making me laugh... :D

all da best with ur vacs . njoy


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