Inside jokes:: One of the best things about friendship :)


Scene 1 : At Baskin Robins
 'A' takes chocolate flakes, 'S' chooses cotton candy and 'Me' chooses Love potion.
Scene 2: In the car with S's parents
 Me: I'm having the love potion, I'm gonna become all lovey dovey
A:: You already are woman!!
Me: No, I'm not.
A:: Of course you are.
Me: Okay, fine fine.
S: Maybe you'll turn into a heart :P
A: *laughs* What the hell?
Me: almost half of this ice cream's done, I haven't into a heart yet :P
S: Maybe it's effects are after you complete the entire thing.

 Scene 3: The next day, at a party
Me:: hey do I look fat in this?
S: No you don't, or wait maybe it's coz of the love potion, you're kinda turning into a heart y'know

Scene 4: After swimming, walking back home. Opposite S's villa now.
*'A' narrates an incident which was supposed to be 'funny'*
A:: And then.....blah blah blah blah... *laughs hardly*
* Me and S stare at her, stare at each other and then fake laugh*
A:: Never mind, Inside joke..inside joke.
S:: So why are you telling it outside? :P
Me:: *points at S's house* Okay, yallah ( arabic word ) lets go inside :P
*Everyone Laughs*
A:: Omg, that was the lamest joke ever!

Scene 5:: At Paris Gallery

S:: Omg, I love this watch
A:: Omg, yeah me too!!
S:: Haha, great minds think alike. How much is it for?
A:: Damn, its above 500 SR...S, you could buy me that.
S:: Hahaha, I'm as poor as you.
A::: Ah, great minds have the same salary!

Scene 6:: Random

S:: Whataya want from me?!!
Me: Bitch, please!

Scene 7:: Outside

Little girl to black guy :: Can you rap?
Black guy:: No! What, just coz I'm african and I'm black doesn't mean I can rap.
Little girl:: Of course you can, c'mmon you're like as cool as jay z, c'mmon rap!!

At Someone's house
*Talking something about rape*
Little girl:: what is rape?
Me:: Ummm, rapping!! Yes, rapping! It means rapping, you know, what you asked the black guy.
Little girl::: OHHHHH!!!
S:: omg, the next thing she does is asking the black guy if he knows how to rape!! HAAHAHAAAHHAA

Scene 8:: During the Brazil match yesterday.

Me:: (the tv aint clear..) What match is it.. *looks properly* BRA versus PAK...(reads R as A) ...what team is PAK....oh PAKISTAN!!!

Me:: Huh? 
S: It's okay kid, you're too lost.
Me:: Oh!!!! Of course, there's no Pakistan in football!

P.S:: I know it might not seem very funny to all you bloggers, but ya thats why they're called 'inside jokes' :P

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Rishi said...

too much time together.. didn't get 25% percent of jokes.. which means i got 75%

i need help!!

Huda Merchant said...

Hahahaha which ones? And these are just a few recent ones :) Not ALL :P hehe.

QM said...


S:: Whataya want from me?!!
Me: Bitch, please!

That made me LMAO!

Huda Merchant said...

Hahahahah :D

» sahil said...

Hahahaha. Conversations like these are fun!

Huda Merchant said...

Yeah, sure they are :)
And so random but they make my day :D

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